Remembering Gabriel Salas

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Remembering Gabriel Salas
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Known as a legend by the NSW town of Ballina, he took on an adventure not for the faint-hearted .

Gabriel Salas, a Chilean navigator (who used sextant and charts – no GPS!), was part of the Las Balsas expedition which consisted of three rafts that traveled from Ecuador to Australia in 1973, taking 178 days to land in the northern New South Wales town of Ballina.

It was the first recorded multiple-raft crossing of the Pacific Ocean, and remains the longest-known raft voyage in history.

He also completed a single-raft voyage from Ecuador to Mooloolaba in Queensland in 1970.

A huge achievement worth recognising even after his passing.

Take a look at this piece (or audio) by the ABC: its a brilliant story of adventure.